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2020-08-19 UQ1219417 published this post.

Case Description
The project involves processing data that has been crawled and scraped from domains.

- We will need to create several relational tables.
- Process the data to label it based on processes (functions) that you will develop.

Some examples tables include domain category classification where we will determine what the domain is primarily about (in regards to content and keyword alignment).

Table Index

> Domain Metrics Tracking
> TLD Allowed Index
> Domain (Publisher) Category Classification Index
> Domain (Publisher) Type Classification Index

There might be other tables that will be required based on the data we need to store.


- Author Discovery Function (Page) = extract (to the best of your ability) the author names on the
          page that wrote the content that was scrapped.

- Domain Classification Function = each publisher that we have in the index will need to go through
          a classification function that will determine the domain type (based on my logic).

- Domain Categorization Function = each domain will need to go through content classification
          that will determine the primary topic of the content and store it as a count value; for
          example, how many 'insurance' articles are on the domain to understand the percentage of
          'insurance' alignment that exists for the publisher.

- Dynamic Industry Backlink Universe Function = for Domain A who is in the Insurance industry we
          will calculate all the publishers that are relevant to the industry as its backlink universe.

- Domain (To Topic) Relevance Logic = for example, we will need to determine if Publisher A is
          relevant to Topic B if Domain C is getting a link from Publisher A.

- Domain Probability to Backlink = we will need to calculate the probability that Publisher A will
          give a backlink to Domain B based on Domain B's competitors who are Domain C + Domain
          D + Domain E.

- Domain Strength Logic = we will use logic to evaluate the domain against other domains within
          the specific industry-based backlink universe (in other words compared relevantly to those
          that is aligned to the client's industry).

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