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Browser Mining

Wakacoin web mining, mining while browsing the website

Sign in your Each1 account and you can mine while browsing the website

Sign in your Each1 account, you can use 10% of the computing power of your computer to mine while browsing the website.

You will get 90% of the mining income, and the remaining 10% will be distributed to Each1.net.

How it works?

If a Wakacoin mining embed code was put on a website, a corner of the site will display a small banner and show “Authorize Wakacoin Mining.”

Only when the site visitor authorizes mining, it turns to a hard-working little miner banner.

The little miner merely uses 10% computing power of the user’s computer and only works after authorized by the user.

The method of authorization is to sign in your Each1 account. After that, the browser will automatically stay in the login status as long as it is not manually logged out. So that the little miners can mine for you and record the mining results in your Each1 account.

If you want to stop mining, just log out of your Each1 account.