Wakacoin Developer

Wakacoin Smart Contract

Wakacoin Smart Contract supports contracts in all formats, including plain text, images, audio and video, code, etc.

CoinBirds Stablecoin

CoinBirds Stablecoin is a token issued by using Wakacoin Smart Contract. This is a plain text contract.

CoinBirds Stablecoin Consensus 1.0

CoinBirds Stablecoin issued by the smart contract of the WakaCoin blockchain.
It is a stablecoin with 3 million wakacoins and foreign exchange reserves of CoinBirds as a guarantee.
The price of 100,000 CoinBirds stablecoins is US$1.

This consensus is only governed by the key for the address 15TbnBJS9ysckYLzhfX1vhLknyLzPGw8PA.
If there is a version upgrade in the future, the key of this address must be used to add a new version.

3 million wakacoins of CoinBirds are spread across the following 6 addresses. There are 500,000 wakacoins on each address.


Contract Chain

A set of contracts are stacked in the form of a blockchain, and it is named Contract Chain.
The contract chains Index is used to optimize verification speed.

The contract is finally signed with the key to form a block, containing the creation time and content.
The content can be any digital data, such as a picture, a video, a document, or a piece of code.
A key can manage a Contract Chain.

Since Contract Chain is a form of blockchain, each block will have a block hash. If there is a collision when generating a block hash, the nonce is replaced until the block hash is not collision, so all block hashes are unique in this chain.

Wakacoin Blockchain Structure

The genesis block of a Contract Chain has to be registered on the Wakacoin Blockchain at the time of its creation.

The owner of the key that created the Contract Chain can register a newly generated block hash to the Wakacoin Blockchain.

Those involved in a Contract Chain can download the open source verification program to verify the legitimacy of the Contract Chain at any time.

Therefore, it is possible to guarantee a Contract Chain from the genesis block to a certain block that has been registered on the Wakacoin Blockchain has not been tampered with.


One user’s all contracts are formed by a Contract Chain to store all the data of his contracts, and be stored in the client. The first cost on the client side is a fixed 1 wakacoin fee when uploading the block hash of the genesis block of his Contract Chain to the Wakacoin Blockchain. The subsequent cost is to upload the latest Contract Chain block hash to the Wakacoin Blockchain every time some contracts are accumulated. This means that many contracts can be accumulated before uploading the latest block hash to the Wakacoin Blockchain to save fees.

Anyone can download the open source code to verify a user’s Contract Chain and get a detailed report. This report includes which block hashes of the Contract Chain have been uploaded to the Wakacoin Blockchain and checks the correctness of the data and hashes to ensure that the Contract Chain has not been tampered with.

Since all the Contracts are stored on the client side, the size of the Wakacoin Blockchain is limited, and every node can perform complete verification at any time.

Command-Line Interface

contractchaincreate -address ADDRESS -filename FILENAME - Create a contract chain and send genesis block hash to blockchain

contractchainvalidate -address ADDRESS - Validate a contract chain

contractcreate -address ADDRESS -filename FILENAME - Create a contract and send the block hash to blockchain

contractlistfiles -address ADDRESS - List all the name of files in the contract chain

contractreleasefile -address ADDRESS -height HEIGHT - Release the file in the contract chain by HEIGHT