Wakacoin Developer

Wakacoin Transaction

Transactions let users spend wakacoins. Each transaction is constructed out of several parts which enable simple direct payments or Wakacoin Smart Contract function. When the transaction amount is 0 wakacoin, it enables the Wakacoin Smart Contract function.


type Transaction struct {
	ID      [32]byte
	Version uint32
	Vin     []TXInput
	Vout    []TXOutput
type TXInput struct {
	Block     [32]byte
	Txid      [32]byte
	Index     int8
	Signature []byte
	PubKey    []byte
type TXOutput struct {
	Value      uint32
	PubKeyHash [20]byte

Command-Line Interface

send -from FROM -to TO -amount AMOUNT - Send AMOUNT of coins from FROM address to TO address

sendtxs - Send all the transactions in the txsBucket

startnode -miner ADDRESS - Start a node with ID specified in NODE_ID env. var. -miner enables mining