What is the official website of Coin birds app?

The official website of the Coin birds app is https://each1.net/coinbirds
We only have the domain https://each1.net and create various apps based on this domain

Please note that other domains with similar names, including coin-birds.com, are not the website of Coin birds app.
Other websites with similar names to Coin birds appear to be scams or malicious websites that are trying to trick Coin birds users visiting their websites.
Our team has received some reports from users. To put it simply, it is a social attack.

How to back up messages, log out of the app, and delete accounts?

To back up messages, log out of the app, and delete accounts, please log in to https://each1.net

You can find relevant functions on the website.

Why do Coin birds users adopt CBS (Coin Birds Stablecoin)?

CBS is a digital currency issued by using Wakacoin Smart Contract. The Coin birds coin warehouses accept people to exchange CBS in any coins, outdated currencies, and discontinued currencies.

According to the rules of the smart contract, the price is anchored at US$1 per 100,000 CBS.

Each1.net supports the exchange of CBS and Wakacoin forever.

Wakacoin is a blockchain that uses PoW (Proof of Work) and generates about 50,000 wakacoins every year (one wakacoin every ten minutes on average).

Users can trade CBS/Wakacoin by P2P or exchanges.

What is CB-point?

iOS/Android app users can In-App-Purchase CB-points.

If iOS/Android apps listed on Apple/Google app stores provide in-app-purchase services, each transaction must pay 30% platform tax to Apple/Google, so the Coin birds team created CB-point to facilitate users to make in-app-purchases.

Please note that CB-points purchased through the Apple App Store can only be used in the Coin birds app for iOS, and CB-points purchased through the Google Play Store can only be used in the Coin birds app for Android.

The price for users to purchase 1 CB-point through Apple/Google app stores is US$2, which includes 30% Apple/Google tax, government tax, insurance and other fees. Therefore, to implement the in-app purchase function, the Coin birds system has to pay a total of approximately 50% of the necessary taxes/fees to other institutions.

Since $2 times 50% equals $1, 1 CB-point is equivalent to 100,000 CBS.

How to rent cloud mining hashrate?

Cloud mining hashrate refers to the amount of hashing power that a user rents from a cloud mining service.

iOS/Android users can use CB-points to rent cloud mining hashrate for Wakacoin mining.

Why would users like to participate in the Coin birds NFT auction?

Each Coin birds NFT is a painstaking and unique artistic creation by the creator.

When a user successfully bids for an NFT, the user becomes a collector of the NFT.

Each NFT will be continuously auctioned, and the proceeds from each auction will be automatically distributed to the creator and previous collectors in accordance with the smart contract rules of the NFT.

NFT auctions become passive income for creators and collectors, can encourage artists to create arts and collectors to participate in auctions.

For example, if a certain NFT successfully completes two auctions, this means that the creator and the two collectors, a total of three people, will receive the proceeds from the third auction. How to distribute the proceeds will be in accordance with the agreement in a smart contract when the NFT is released, and the smart contract rules are automatically executed.

How to participate in the Coin birds NFT auction?

When a Coin birds NFT is auctioned, it is open to cross-platform users to bid together.

The iOS/Android app users can bid using CB-points.

The browser users can log in to https://each1.net to bid using CBS.

The conversion between these two units is that 1 CB-point is equivalent to 100,000 CBS.

Can a contestant of the Creative Competition upload multiple works?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of uploads. We encourage this as by doing so, the chances of earning becomes much higher.