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wants to pay 280 wakacoins to hire an Expert to edit and proofread the introduction, translation, and pronunciation guides. This case should be finished within 30 days.
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2020-07-20 GU723480 published this post.

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Need BILINGUAL (EN-ES) U.S. Editor & Language Expert for a Language Phrasebook [Potential Long-Term]

Hello! We are a language-learning publishing company expanding into several languages and are looking to start producing lines of language-learning books for non-English speakers (all languages). The first of these languages is Spanish.

The candidate hired for this task will be expected to edit and proofread an already-written phrasebook based on the most common phrases in each language, translated and illustrated in terms of phonetic pronunciation. **It is preferable if you have language teaching experience, and will be preferred over other candidates.**

Your job will be to edit and proofread the introduction, translation, and pronunciation guides for each of the 1,500+ phrases that appear in the book.

The bilingual requirement is for helping create the correct phonetic guide in Spanish for English words, as the sounds and rules in English must be explained in Spanish in a way that allows readers to fully grasp the idea. Candidates will also be required to speak fluent English, as you will need to make the English pronunciation easy for non-English speakers.

With about 20k words to edit, the rate for this contract is of 14 wakacoins per 1,000 words, meaning that the budget for this task is 280 wakacoins. There may be opportunities for more future books to edit, but we will discuss this later.

**All candidates must be familiar with the "Track changes" function and use Microsoft Word only.**

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You have to contact GU723480 via message board firstly, if you successfully negotiate with GU723480, he/she will give you an authorization code. Once you submit the authorization code, this case becomes valid, the account of GU723480 will be charged 280 wakacoins and deposit it to escrow immediately.

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