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wants to pay 1,000 wakacoins to hire a DevOps Engineer to setup Kubernetes. This case should be finished within 60 days.
Trading location - Global, updated 1 month ago
Case State
The transaction was completed.
Case Events

2020-10-02 Escrow has released the payment to PI9906855 , due to the fulfillment of the contract.

2020-09-18 The original deadline of Escrow has been reached, and automatic extension will begin.

2020-07-20 IF6908142 has already deposited the payment in escrow and waited for PI9906855 to fulfill the contract.

2020-06-24 IF6908142 published this post.

Case Description
Looking for DevOps Engineer who can setup Kubernetes

We are having a social media app, which has nearly 5lakhs to -1 M active users trafiic daily. We need an expert who can optimise the load and deploy node.js and mongo apps in Kubernetes.
PI9906855 :
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4 months ago
PI9906855 :
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4 months ago