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Waka Waka community content policy

Waka Waka is an International platform, users from all over the world. So, what kind of publishing rules should we set to provide a legal and good platform?

Since the laws and customs vary from country to country, we use “Community Self-discipline” as the benchmark for implementing management on Waka Waka. At the same time, we treat each case as independent. So that we can take into account the differences between national laws and customs of every country. In response to how to achieve community self-discipline, we set up a reporting system on Waka Waka for everyone to vote.

The most basic banned listings are listed below, in conjunction with the operation of the above-mentioned reporting system. Therefore, the publish management of Waka Waka is achieved.

  1. It is forbidden to publish related transactions in violation of human dignity.
  2. It is forbidden to publish human trafficking.
  3. It is forbidden to publish child pornography related transactions.
  4. It is forbidden to publish non-medical drugs transactions.
  5. It is forbidden to publish malicious links.

As the number of users increases in the future, the rules and management team will be gradually expanded and improved.