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Terms of membership

  1. Each1 system uses full anonymization. Users don’t need to provide extra personal data except the information that operate the system needed.
  2. Although Each1 system uses full anonymization, Waka Waka trading platform will reach the consensus and collective supervision of community through “Community Self-discipline” mechanism, and use universal values as our principle to manage platform. In short, it’s prohibited to publish contents such as child pornography, human trafficking, non-medical drugs on Waka Waka.
  3. Except for the data analysis necessary to ensure system security, Each1 won’t analyze users’ data.
  4. Each1 will never use or sell users’ personal data for any profit.
  5. Each1 takes “Enhance system security” and “Protect the users’ personal data” as a top priority, deleting the non-essential user information as possible to reduce the data storage costs.
  6. Each1 system takes two security measures: “Login password” and “Super password”, we will constantly enhance the security of system and fulfill the responsibility of system management. However, users should properly take care of their passwords. If the security problem can be attributed to the user, such as loss of password, it’s not within the capabilities of Each1.
  7. To protect the privacy of users, except for the disclosed data that must be searched by the public, the other data will be deleted from the system after a while. For the users who need to store the data, please backup by yourself. This system won’t take the responsibility for storing data.
    • The data that can only be reviewed by buyer and seller such as “Contract content” and “Private message” will be automatically deleted by the system after closing the case 30 days.
    • In this system, people determine whether a trading partner suitable is based on the histories of an account like past transaction records and public messages. However, the disclosed data for people to search will be stored in an anonymous way.
  8. To properly manage the system, for the account that have no login history for more than one year will be disposed as follows:
    • The system will charge 1 wakacoin as administrative fee from this account every day until the user logs in.
    • During execution, if the user logs in to this account, the system will automatically stop charging the administrative fee. However, the system won’t refund the fees already charged.
    • If there are unfulfilled escrow contracts with this account and the user hasn’t logged in to the system for a long time, it will cause the following problems:
      • The contracting party will get confused and wonder if this account owner has an accident, loss of incapacity or passed away.
      • How to deal with the unfinished escrow cases of this account?
      Therefore, the system will make proper arrangement for “All the unfulfilled escrow cases” of “The account that hasn’t logged in over one year”:
      • If this account is the party that needs to pay Wakacoin on contract, the funds held in Escrow will be paid to the payee of the contracting party.
      • If this account is the party that needs to receive Wakacoin on contract, the funds held in Escrow will be returned to the payer of the contracting party.
      • At the same time, the details will be clearly disclosed in the relevant cases.
  9. Advice to users: If you need to save your wakacoins permanently and expect that you won’t log in Each1 system over one year, you can transfer your wakacoins to blockchain. Wakacoin blockchain is a “fully decentralized public chain”, you can manage your wakacoins by yourself.
  10. By signing up as an Each1 member, you agree to be bound by the above terms and conditions at any time. Each1 reserves the right to update and change its Terms of Membership. You can always review the most current version of Terms of Membership on this page.