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In the past, the outflow of donations were limited by the exchange of national currencies and the account of donation is non-public and non-transparent. Quite often, it involves corruption. However, the application of blockchain brings up a new opportunity to let the donation be clearly tracked.

“Love” applies the blockchain of Funcoin. This would be an open, transparent, highly efficient, and low-loss mechanism. It would include joint fundraising as a basis and will allow everyone to have access to review the flow of donations.

“Love” contains grand prize that draw as attraction. These features form a win-win cycle while making it possible to stay in operation.

All contributions in this campaign will be for two essential uses:

  • 50% for the game prizes to attract people to join the charity activities.
  • 50% for donors to decide where the donations go for.
Resbita = Artificial Intelligence + Restaurants’ Big Data
This campaign combines the concepts of blockchain and rewards to create a global charity mechanism.
Lucky day
Each1.net offers a box and key matching game, sending thank you gifts to reward members.
Funcoin blockchain is a fully decentralized public chain.