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~ Contact Funbi ~ is a global joint charity fundraiser platform built with blockchain and digital currency (e.g. Bitcoin) that makes it possible to track each donation.
For more information, please see complete introduction.

Donate and Play Raffle
Each 0.001 BTC you donate, grants you a chance to draw. The grand prize is 100 BTC (Bitcoin).
All donations will be used for public welfare purposes. The construction and operational costs in establishing and running is solely supported by Funbi.
Registration of Charitable Organizations
Charity organizations that have public information on websites, Bitcoin addresses, and so on, are welcome to register on this site.
Users can specify which charities will be the beneficiaries when they donate.
Flow of Donations
The application of Bitcoin and blockchain brings up the new opportunity to let the flow of donation be open and transparent.
The mechanism starts from the global joint fundraiser to let the flow of donations be clearly tracked by everyone.

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