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Waka Waka Reporting System

The reporting system of Waka Waka is a mechanism for achieving “Community Self-discipline” that users can vote to decide whether the post content is appropriate, reaching a consensus of management benchmark.

If Waka Waka platform is properly managed, forming a good reputation, shaping a healthy image, and continually attracting more people to participate and use, all of these factors can enhance the value of Wakacoin.

Besides, the incentive of encouraging users to vote is that all the users own Wakacoin assets and will actively participate due to their self-interest.

To implement this reporting mechanism, only the users who own Wakacoin can vote. Moreover, this mechanism uses anonymization.

The voting options of “Why this post content should be banned” are correspond with Waka Waka community content policy. For example,

Publishing RulesVoting Options
1. It is forbidden to publish related contents in violation of human dignity.1. This post content is suspected of infringing on human dignity and should be banned.
2. It is forbidden to publish human trafficking related contents.2. This post content is suspected of human trafficking and should be banned.
3. It is forbidden to publish child pornography related contents.3. This post content is suspected of child pornography and should be banned.
4. It is forbidden to publish non-medical drugs related contents.4. This post content is suspected of non-medical drugs transaction and should be banned.
5. It is forbidden to publish malicious links.5. This post contains malicious link(s) and should be banned.

If there are still deficiencies, users can customize the voting options.

As the number of users increases in the future, the rules and management team will be gradually expanded and improved.

Since users of Waka Waka are all over the world, the laws and customs vary from country to country. Some transactions may be legal in some countries but might be illegal in others. Therefore, through the“ Community Self-discipline” to reach consensus and collective supervision, and adopt universal values as the principle of platform management.