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About Love

This article will explain why Love was built as well as its benefits, impacts, and how it became a sustainable global joint fundraiser mechanism.

In the past, the outflow of donations were limited by the exchange of national currencies and the account of donation is non-public and non-transparent. Quite often, it involves corruption. However, the application of Bitcoin and blockchain brings up the new opportunity to let the donation be clearly tracked.

In the earlier times, the most common fundraising was done by organizing multiple events. But long-term sponsorship are barely gained this way. Imagine, if an internet based joint fundraiser mechanism was available, the fundraising process would have cost less and been more efficient.

With this in mind, I am determined to construct a platform under Love, applying the means of Bitcoin and blockchain. This would be an open, transparent, highly efficient, and low-loss mechanism. It would include joint fundraising as a basis and will allow everyone to have access to review the flow of donations.

Love contains rich and interesting games and grand prize that draw as attraction. These features form a win-win cycle while making it possible to stay in operation. For more information, please see Game introduction.

All contributions in this campaign will be for two essential uses:

  • 50% for the game prizes to attract people to join the charity activities on this website.
  • 50% will be transferred to the specific charity that has been chosen by you.

The use of digital currency and blockchain ensures every flow of donation to be open and transparent.

Taking Bitcoin for example, Bitcoin Address are open and all the flow of Bitcoin are recorded on blockchain on public permanently. The public can see these records in many ways, https://blockchain.info is a website offering a search system which is very convenient.

AI lab applies artificial intelligence to the vast amount of instant information on the Internet, and develops some applications.
This campaign combines the concepts of blockchain, games, and rewards to create a global charity mechanism.
Lucky day
We offer a box and key matching game, sending thank you gifts to reward members.
This lab applies blockchain to Funcoin that offers some applications.