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The gorilla family

This is an easy and simple game. Gamers can play it instantly without downloading and installing on any device. Have fun. Be active with Each1.


One day, the gorilla family adventure into outer space and they get lost on the unknown planet. The daddy and mommy gorilla want to find the lost little gorilla, however, some aliens set up obstacles to block their way, even take the opportunity to kidnap the little gorilla...

Could daddy and mommy gorilla successfully save the little gorilla?


1. Press the arrow key to move.

2. Press the arrow key to push the stone. If there is no obstacle blocks the stone, you can push it to any orientation.

3. There may be an unknown creature in the box, you can defense its attack by pushing the stone to destroy the box.

4. As you encounter obstacles such as stone and plant. You can press “A” to destroy them.

5. Please mind the physical and blood ball of the gorillas. The energy of physical and blood ball will decrease while moving or destroying obstacles. When you see the gorillas send the red alert, you can press “B” and select the supplement to add energy.

6. On the PC version, the above buttons are able to be controlled by your keyboard.

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