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Wakacoin Blockchain

A fully decentralized public chain that everyone can easily get and use Wakacoin.

Our Vision - To build an Internet world that won’t be interrupted by ADs

Think back on the feeling when browsing a website or using a mobile app and frequently disturbed by advertisements. Then, imagine an Internet world without advertisements...

Each1 team expects to create a brand new model to improve the circumstance that website owners make a profit from advertisements. Each1.net allows website owners to put mining embed code on their sites. Once visitors authorize mining, they can use 10% computing power of their devices to mine while browsing the sites. Then, visitors can get 90% mining revenue, while 10% of the profit is shared with website owners. It’s beneficial for both sides and reach a win-win situation.

For more details, please see How to get Wakacoin?


Escrow make your deals easy and safe

The Wakacoin users can use Escrow protects each party involved in the transaction.

Visit Wakacoin Escrow to learn more!


Own Wakacoin to Protect Your Assets Against Inflation

Are you worried about the currency you own depreciating?
Don’t worry!
Owning Wakacoin makes it easy for you to fight inflation.

In the consensus agreement of Wakacoin blockchain, the total currency issuance is about 20 million. As the currency supply is limited, the users of Wakacoin and the demands of currency will constantly increase. As a result, the purchasing power of Wakacoin will rise continuously.

For more details, please see Wakacoin white paper.