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Wakacoin mining embed code FAQ

Q: If a user opens multiple tabs in a browser, will these tabs mine at the same time? Will the CPU usage of the device increase?

A: These tabs won’t mine simultaneously, also they won’t increase the CPU usage of the device.

Each Each1 account is allowed only one device to log in at the same time, and every account can only receive one mining task from the mining pool every time until the task is completed, or the task is not completed due to overtime (more than reasonable time) that cause the task be cancelled by the mining pool. Then, the account is able to request a new task from the pool.


Q: If a website is placed two Wakacoin mining embed codes on the same page, will the visitors’ hardware devices mine with double computing power?

A: Since an Each1 account only operates one Wakacoin mining embed code at the same period of time, it won’t cause the visitors’ hardware devices using double computing power.
In short, the Each1 users don’t worry about websites or mobile apps are placed multiple embed codes to let users mine and use over 10% hardware resources.


Q: If there are many websites embed Wakacoin mining codes in the future, will more than 10% hardware resources are used for mining when Each1 users switches these sites at the same time?

A: No, because an Each1 account is only allowed to operate one Wakacoin mining embed code at the same period, and an embed code only uses 10% CPU usage on average of each device for mining.