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Coin birds Creative Competition - Upload your works to win the prize!

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Unleash your creativity, submit your works, and win endless rewards.

Likes earned by your entries on social platforms can be converted into rewards.

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  1. The theme of a work has to be around Wakacoin ecosystem, hence the videos can be on the topics of Coinbirds, Coinbirds Stablecoin or Wakacoin.
  2. Contestants need to register an Each1 account, and submit the works in the system to facilitate receiving the award notifications and rewards in the future.
  3. Contestants can submit multiple works. Entries include but are not limited to pictures, short videos, and videos.
  4. All the uploads will be moderated against possible abuse like plagiarism, infringement, pornography, violence, discrimination, etc.
  5. There are two categories of rewards provided by the organizer -- cash prize and CoinBirds Stablecoin rewards.
  6. For every like, a work receives, the contestant will get 100 stablecoins.
  7. There will also be a cash prize every month. The selection will be done by the organizer and one winning entry will be chosen.
  8. If there is no winner in a particular month, the cash prize will accumulate and the winner for the next month will get the accumulated reward.
  9. Organizers reserve the rights to change or modify the rules of engagement if needed during the event.


You may refer to the FAQ page.

How to register

  1. The contestant needs to create an Each1 account in order to submit the entries in the system.
  2. After signing in to, the contestant submits the works according to the instructions of the system.
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Jul, 2022
Winner: vacancy
Reward: US$100
Aug, 2022
Winner: vacancy
Accumulated Reward: US$200
Sep, 2022
Winner: vacancy
Accumulated Reward: US$300
Oct, 2022
Winner: vacancy
Accumulated Reward: US$400
Nov, 2022
Winner: vacancy
Accumulated Reward: US$500
Dec, 2022
In processing...
Accumulated Reward: US$600
Jan, 2023
The activity has not started.
Reward: US$100


TitleThe Coin birds’ story - episode 2

CreatorCoin birds

TitleCoin birds


TitleThe witch coin bird


TitleThe dancing athlete coinbird


TitleCoin birds Creative Competition




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