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About Lucky day

Lucky day offers you a chance to spin the lucky wheel every day (a random number of bitcoins or funcoins).

Funcoin provides users with the ability to buy goods in the marketplace. For more information, please see complete introduction.

  • How to play?

After spinning the lucky wheel, you might get a box or a key. The key can unlock the box of the corresponding number. For example, you can unlock “B3” by “K3”. When you unlock a box, there will be a random number of bitcoins or funcoins.

  • How to receive the prize (Bitcoin obtained through lucky draw) ?

The purpose of building Lucky day is to bring pleasure to everyone. To deter anyone who use a number of accounts to cheat and affect the fairness, the bitcoins are given after a 2 stage challenge system.

The first stage - All the players will get Bitcoin through spinning the lucky wheel. When the accumulated Bitcoin reach to a specific number, the players can get to the next stage.

The second stage - Transfer the accumulated Bitcoin to Love and donate to charities at the same time to exchange the raffle tickets.

After getting the exchanged raffle tickets, you can continue to spin the lucky wheel for more Bitcoin. It’s the same that there are treasure chests and keys for you to unlock and get prizes on Love. In addition, the fun puzzle games are added and waiting for you to solve. For more information, please see Raffle Game Instructions.

In this way, the players can not only do charity but also enjoy the game.

Finally, the players will be able to transfer all the bitcoins to their own Bitcoin addresses.

Each1.net reserves the right to change and terminate this event.

AI lab applies artificial intelligence to the vast amount of instant information on the Internet, and develops some applications.
This campaign combines the concepts of blockchain, games, and rewards to create a global charity mechanism.
Lucky day
We offer a box and key matching game, sending thank you gifts to reward members.
This lab applies blockchain to Funcoin that offers some applications.